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February 8: Great Adaptations

02/08/2022 Some species have an exceptional ability to adapt to extreme environmental conditions, an advantage that endowed by unique features of their DNA. Certain Antarctic marine creatures provide hope for climate change adaptations. H. WiIliam Detrich

March 8: How to Talk to a Science Denier

03/08/22 The right author and the right book with the right strategy for dealing with those who reject scientific facts. Lee McIntyre

March 29: A Potential Solution to the Methane Problem

03/29/22 An innovation attracting great interest: an abundant, inexpensive clay might be used to reduce the greenhouse gas methane from the atmosphere. Desiree Plata

April 5: Distinguishing Scientifc Facts from Disinformation and Distortion

04/05/22 How can we distinguish scientific facts from disinformation? This Union of Concerned Scientists writer battles distortion on a regular basis. Elliott Negin