Coming Events

The following future events are scheduled:

December 10: Neural Disruption and Motor Dysfunctions

How neuroscientists probe the neural mechanisms behind disorders such as Parkinson's disease and other motor dysfunctions.. Jill Crittenden.

December 14: How Ecosystems Work: from the Smallest to the Largest Scales

Ecological systems are the archetypal complex systems. And regardless of scale and diversity --from microbial systems to rain forests -- they share common patterns and dynamics. James O'Dwyer

January 4: Living in Space: Artificial Gravity and Bioastronautics

The human body requires a gravity environment. So how do aerospace engineers plan for the colonization of space? Developing artificial gravity is a major objective. Ana Diaz Artiles

January 11: How Ocean Acidification Harms Shellfish

Climate change has brought ocean acidification and ocean acidification is a serious threat to shellfish. What can be done to save sealife? Louise Cameron

January 14: I Wonder Why? Magic, Mystery and Mathematics in the Mundane

Mathematics is the foundation of everything in Nature: structures, dynamics, processes --everything. Understanding that foundation changes our perception and appreciation of Nature. L. Mahadevan