Coming Events

The following future events are scheduled:

May 31: Reconstructing the Ancient Viking Colonies

05/31/22 How do archaeologists reconstruct the far-flung colonies of the ancient seafaring Norsemen/Vikings? Douglas Bolender

June 7: Who Funds the FDA - And Why Does It Matter?

06/07/22 An increasing percentage of the Food and Drug Agency's funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry. How does this arrangement affect the agency in general and the approval of new medications in particular? Aaron Seth Kesselheim

June 21: The Struggle to Ban Pesticides That Disrupt Brain Development

06/21/22 Scientists struggled for decades to get an EPA ban on Chlorpyrifos, a widely used pesticide known to impair brain development. As autism, ADHD and other developmental conditions increased, vested interests blocked efforts to regulate Chlorpyrifos and other agricultural toxins. Philip Landrigan