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Inside the Cell: Extras Home of CELLS alive!


How molecules escape from cell’s nucleus: Key advance in using microscopy to reveal secrets of living cells

Scientists ratchet up understanding of cellular protein factory

Key role for a protein in cell division described

Scientists Advance Understanding Of Cell Death

Scientists take a look at systems biology and cellular networking

Energy revolution key to complex life: Depends on mitochondria, cells’ tiny power stations Algae that live inside the cells of salamanders are the first known vertebrate endosymbionts

How ATP, molecule bearing ‘the fuel of life,’ is broken down in cells

Human cells can copy not only DNA, but also RNA Scientists deconstruct cell division

How MicroRNAs Block Protein Synthesis Cooperative forces boost collective mobility of cells

How Cells Function: Missing Target For Calcium Signaling Identified

Spontaneous Assembly: A New Look At How Proteins Assemble And Organize Themselves Into Complex Patterns

How ‘Invading’ Bacteria Can Integrate Captured DNA Into Own Genetic Makeup

How Mitochondria Get Their Membranes Bent

New microscope reveals ultrastructure of cells

Novel protein critical for cellular proliferation discovered

How do cells die? Biophotonic tools reveal real-time dynamics in living color

Physicists help biologists to understand protein folding

Synthesis of activated pyrimidine ribonucleotides in prebiotically plausible conditions : Abstract : Nature

Protein dynamics: Hidden, transient life of a protein between active states illuminated

UCSD Study Shows ‘Junk’ DNA Has Evolutionary Importance

Milestone Discovery In Cell Behaviors

RNA network seen in live bacterial cells for first time

Stem Cells (more stem cells listings in Sept 2011 ; presentation scheduled)

Uncertain Stem-Cell Policy Hinders Research - Technology Review Two studies prove value of iPS cells | Harvard Gazette

Human Sperm Created From Embryonic Stem Cells

Placenta: New Source For Harvesting Stem Cells

World First: Chinese Scientists Create Pluripotent Stem Cells From Pigs

Stroke Patient’s Own Stem Cells Used In Trial For First Time

What are induced pluripotent stem cells? [Stem Cell Information]

Scientists Closer To Creating Safe Embryonic-like Stem Cells

Mutations found in human induced pluripotent stem cells

Diseases in a Dish: Stem Cells for Drug Discovery: Scientific American

Patients Facing Blindness to Test Therapy with Stem Cells - Technology Review

Stem Cell Researchers Create Heart And Blood Cells From Reprogrammed Skin Cells

Promoting healing by keeping skeletal stem cells ‘young’ Mouse skin cells turned directly into neurons, skipping IPS stage

Neural stem cells maintain high levels of reactive oxygen species, study finds

Scientists develop new way to grow adult stem cells in culture

Study sheds light into the nature of embryonic stem cells

Genetic Testing 101 | A Brief Guide to Genomics Access : Making genetic history : Nature

Gene structure | The Human Genome

How DNA is copied onto RNA revealed through three-dimensional transcription film

Scientists identify genes involved in cell division in humans

Evolution’s footprints in human genome precisely tracked using new approach

Judge Rejects U.S. Approval of Gene-Engineered Sugar Beets -

The Ribosome: Perfectionist Protein-maker Trashes Errors

Meiosis:Chromosomes Dance And Pair Up On The Nuclear Membrane

Micro RNAs can turn genes off


How An Enzyme Tells Stem Cells Which Way To Divide

Non-coding RNA Called Evf2 Is Important For Gene Regulation

DNA Is Dynamic And Has High Energy; Not Stiff Or Static As First Envisioned

Introns – nonsense DNA – may be more important to evolution of genomes than thought

If GMO genes escape, how will the hybrids do? Fitness and growth of sorghum, shattercane, and its wild-crop hybrid in Nebraska

Learning to read the genome: Most detailed annotation of fruit-fly genome points way to understanding all organisms’ genomes

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Rare Japanese plant has largest genome known to science

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Comparing Chimp, Human DNA