Resources: Evolution of Plants



[DVD] First Flower. WGBH Educational Foundation; a Nova production (2008)


Univ California Berkeley paleobotany website (info and tutorials)

UC Berkeley online Museum of Paleontology (comprehensive resources)

Victoria Museum, Australia website Plant fossils


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Secrets In A Seed: Clues Into The Evolution Of The First Flowers

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Flowering plants evolved very quickly into 5 groups

Insight Into Evolution Of First Flowers

Darwin’s Mystery Of Appearance Of Flowering Plants Explained

Explosive Growth Of Life On Earth Fueled By Early Greening Of Planet

Woody Plants Adapted To Past Climate Change More Slowly Than Herbs

New fossil plant discovery links Patagonia to New Guinea in a warmer past

Newly Discovered Snow Roots Are 'Evolutionary Phenomenon'

New Discovery Suggests Trees Evolved Camouflage Defense Against Long Extinct Predator


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