Resources: Medical Research

Three general categories of resources are listed on this page.

  • Public Health: pollution, allergies and asthma, developmental disorders, chronic disease, hearing/vision problems, hunger, industrial farming/agriculture impacts, malnutrition
  • Medical Research: new disease treatments, interventions; cell defenses; antibiotic resistance; aging; bacterial & viral discoveries; DNA, gene regulators
  • The Wide Field of Prosthetics/Implants: Rapid developments in the huge general field of prosthetics are restoring lost limbs, sensory functions, correcting physical problems, and generally giving new hope and life to millions of people.

Public Health

Sustaining Life: How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity

New MRSA Strain Found in Dairy Cattle and Humans: Scientific American

Observations: Why This E. Coli Outbreak Has Me Scared

Medical Research