Meet Amala Mahadevan, Ph.D.

Amala Mahadevan, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Department of Physical Oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Dr. Mahadevan’s research projects include the physical processes related to the oceanic carbon cycle, biogeochemical distributions, and the ocean’s role in climate change. Her lab specializes in modeling and analysis of observational data, and investigates the implications of ocean processes on the productivity and distribution of phytoplankton, the transport and mixing of properties, and the exchange of heat and freshwater between the surface ocean, deep ocean and atmosphere.

Dr. Mahadevan’s work is widely recognized. She participates regularly in international research expeditions to the Indian Ocean. In 2015, the expedition gathered data on the Indian Ocean’s monsoon cycle that more than a billion people depend on.

Dr. Mahadevan appeared on SftPublic’s Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations February 24, 2015 to explain How Plankton Blooms Absorb CO2

She later explained The Role of Oceans in Climate Change in SftPublic’s Working Science series, filmed June 16, 2015 at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

March 18, 2019: Dr. Mahadevan discussed Why the Earth Needs Its Oceans