Meet Barnabas Daru, Ph.D.

Barnabas Daru, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University.
Seagrasses are fundamental to the health of marine ecosystems, providing food and shelter to many organisms. Because of the dual impact of climate change and ocean pollution, many seagrass varieties are dying off. This loss in turn affects the many marine species that depend on the grasses. Dr. Daru explains the vital role of seagrasses in maintaining marine life, and how different seagrass varieties vary in the ability to adapt to changing ocean environments around the world. This area of research is very important in the urgent effort today to save marine biodiversity.

Dr. Daru appeared on SftPublic’s Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations on January 10, 2017 to discuss The Vital Role of Seagrass in Marine Ecosystems. He explained the fundamental role of seagrasses in marine ecosystems and the need to study and protect these vital plants, which are dying off in large numbers. Dr. Daru also described the more comprehensive approach he uses in his research.

Harvard Gazette article on Dr. Daru’s research