Student Projects

The Student Projects section, opening in spring 2018, provides a space for science articles and videos produced by high school and college students. We are especially grateful to Professor David Toomey, co-director of the UMass-Amherst English Department’s Professional Writing and Technical Communication Program, for initiating this project. We’ll be adding more projects from a variety of schools.

A New Coral Institute in Hadley is Hoping to Broaden the Horizons of STEM Education

The Pioneer Valley Coral and Natural Sciences Institute has a two-fold mission: to research materials to marine scientists; and to provide opportunities for young learners to get hands-on laboratory experience.

Mind Over Matter? One UMass Research Group Asks, “Why Not Both?”

A solution for the demands of high tech computing: a memristor combines the functions of memory and computation, storing transient information about the signals passed through it.

Struggles, Within and Without: The Ways Mental Illness Can Hurt Your Emergency Care

The many demands on emergency room staff include effective communication with highly stressed patients. This researcher seeks best approaches for communicating with the mentally ill in ER situations.

The Herbalist: Lyle Craker Reflects on a Career in the Plant Sciences and His Fight for Marijuana Research

The challenges of research on medical marijuana, as experienced by a UMass-Amherst scientist.