SftPublic Programs 2015

Jan 13, 2015 The Social Context of Science. David Kaiser, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jan 20, 2015 What Happened to the Honeybees? Chengsheng (Alex) Lu, Ph.D., Harvard School of Public Health

Jan 25, 2015 (Working Science series) Environmental Toxins and the Brain Philippe Grandjean, M.D., D.M.Sc., Harvard School of Public Health; Univ of Southern Denmark

Feb 24, 2015 How Plankton Blooms Absorb CO2 Amala Mahadevan, Ph.D., Woods Hole Oceanographic Research Institution

Mar 17, 2015 Looking for Signatures of Life on Mars Roger Summons, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mar 21, 2015 (Working Science series) The Science of Clouds and Climate Daniel Cziczo, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mar 24. 2015 Breakthrough in Antibiotics Resistance Kim Lewis, Ph.D. Northeastern University

Apr 15, 2015 Corporate Science and Genetically Modified Foods Sheldon Krimsky, Ph.D. Tufts University

Apr 22, 2015 Evolution and Environmental Toxins Emily Monosson, Ph.D. University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Apr 29, 2015 (Working Science series) Tracking the Molecules of Life Roger Summons, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

May 12, 2015 The Dark Age of the Universe Lincoln Greenhill, Ph.D. Harvard University and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

May 21, 2015 (recorded post-event on 5/26/15) Energy Revolution Mara Prentiss, Ph.D. Harvard University

June 16, 2015 (Working Science series) The Role of Oceans in Science Amala Mahadevan, Ph.D. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

June 18, 2015 (Working Science series) Understanding Coastal Ecosystems Brian Helmuth, Ph.D. Northeastern University

August 31, 2015 (Working Science series) The Alvin Deep-Sea Submersible: An Engineer’s Story Dudley Foster (retired), Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Sept 08, 2015 Origami: Art and Science L. Mahadevan, Ph.D., Harvard University

Sept 15, 2015 The Formation of Stars and Planets Scott Kenyon, Ph.D. Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Sept 24, 2015 (Working Science series)The Potential Uses of Deep-Sea Microbes Peter Girguis, Ph.D. Harvard University

Oct 06, 2015 Soil: The Skin of the Earth Andrew Kurtz, Ph.D., Boston University

Oct 27, 2015 What’s Up at the 2015 Large Hadron Collider Tulika Bose, Ph.D., Boston University

Nov 10, 2015 Renewable Energy Progress Despite Resistance from the Fossil Fuel Industry Jeff Deyette, Union of Concerned Scientists

Nov 17, 2015 How the Brain Produces Language –and What Can Go Wrong Frank Guenther,Ph.D., Boston University

Dec 01, 2015 Quantum Computing, Quantum Biology Seth Lloyd, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dec 17, 2015 (Working Science mini-documentary series) Earth Life and Weird Life David Toomey, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts -Amherst

Dec 22, 2015 Saving the Himalayas Maharaj K. Pandit, Ph.D., University of Delhi, India and Hrdy Fellow, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies (2015-2016)