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Spectral Analysis

The correct interpretation of light spectra from stars was presented by a young researcher whose evidence was initially rejected.

Probing Exoplanet Atmospheres

A description of exoplanet atmospheres and how scientists attempt to analyze these alien atmospheres.

Odd Couple: UV Radiation and the Origin of Life

A very exciting investigation of the possible role of ultraviolet radiation in the emergence of life --on Earth and elsewhere

Microbe Evolution

How microbes and their communities evolve and what the process means for us

Searching for Bio-Molecules

At the Summons Lab, scientists probe soil and rock samples from both ancient Earth and Mars for bio-molecules

Take Action! How We Can Save the Environment

Harvard's Law School Environmental Clinic shows us how we can use the law to save our environment

The Alvin Deep-Sea Submersible: An Engineer's Story

Dudley Foster, the Woods Hole engineer closely associated with the Alvin's history, describes explorations of the deep-sea submersible.

Breakthroughs in Nanotechnology

Advances in nanotechnology are revolutionizing medicine. A leader in the field describes recent developments and his commitment to making them available to a wide public.

Medicating ADHD: Diagnosis and the Long-Term Effects of the Medications

The potential danger of long-term use of ADHD drugs

The Push for Renewable Energy

An author-activist urges public engagement to ensure the transition to renewable energy

Cooler Smarter

A co-author of the new book from the Union of Concerned Scientists describes how individuals can substantially reduce their carbon footprints while creating a healthy lifestyle...

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Featured Author

Albert-László Barabási, Ph.D.

Reknowned for introducing a paradigm shift in the understanding of complex networks

Featured Guest

Meet Chris Bowler, Ph.D.

A major marine and plant biologist who analyzes fossil plankton genomes to predict potenitial adaptabilty of modern plankton in a threatened environment