How Solar Systems Form: Puzzles and Possibilities

Astronomer Joan Najita explains the challenge of understanding how planetary systems are created.

Probing the Large-Scale Universe

Deep cosmic surveys hope to explain the mysterious accelerating expansion of the universe. Licia Verde

Advanced Research on the Origin of Life

Two young scientists at the famous Jack Szostak Lab explain research issues, Matthew Powner and Utay Budin

How the Brain Produces Language --and What Can Go Wrong

The science of neural networks reveals the awesome complexity of normal speech production and also brings help for language disorders. Frank Guenther

Eye-to-Eye with Climate Change in the Ocean

Saving the oceans is an urgent matter... Les Kaufman

Can Seagrasses Weather Ocean Warming?

Seagrasses feed and protect many marine species. They stabilize shorelines. They reduce ocean acidification. Can seagrasses endure ocean warming? Barnabas Daru

Traffic Pollution and Child Cognition

The effects of vehicle pollutants on the developing brain. Shakira Franco Suglia

Viruses: Threats in a Tiny Package

Viral infections that were once obscure are potentially global threats in a highly linked world. New tools are being deployed to identify and block these diseases. John Connor

Replacing Plastic: The Merits of Shrilk

Materials scientist Javier Fernandez discusses the "plastisphere" crisis and how it motivated the development of biodegradable "shrilk."

Cooler Smarter

A co-author of the new book from the Union of Concerned Scientists describes how individuals can substantially reduce their carbon footprints while creating a healthy lifestyle...Jeff Deyette

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