Resistance to New Ideas

Many of the most important advances in scientific understanding were initially rejected or ignored.

The Need for Science Funding

In an era of global science, other nations are increasing their science budgets. Why aren't we?

Cosmos: Star Cycles

Millions of years after the Big Bang, scattered areas of gas density gradually increased in mass, heat and pressure, until they ignited in spectacular bursts of nuclear fusion...

Life: Quasi-Life

Viruses, prions, bacteriophages ... all behave like living organisms but are not quite alive...


Lynn Margulis's theory of how microbe combinations led to complex cells in evolution was rejected by the scientific establishment for years.

Einstein's Relativity

Einstein completely changed our understanding of the universe...

Mario Livio, Ph.D: His Astrophysics, His New Book (Brilliant Blunders), His Other Books

Astrophysicist and popular science author, Mario Livio, talks about his science, his writing, and his passion for art

Reconstructing Evolution: A Molecular Time Machine

Tracing ancient genetic changes through extinctions and speciation events to reconstruct our DNA history

Scale-Free Complex Networks: Albert-László Barabási, Ph.D.

a visit to the Barabási Lab at Northeastern University to learn how scale-free complex networks affect scientific perspectives

What Arctic Caves Reveal about Ancient Climate Cycles

Arctic caves contain precise geological records of ancient ice-ages and subsequent melts that help scientists predict the effects of the present permafrost thaw.

The Role of Oceans in Climate

A visit to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to learn how researchers investigate the dynamic relationship between oceans and climate

The Youth Pill

What are the possibilities of extending human life and good health?

How Environmental Pollutants Impair Brain Development

A world authority on how environmental toxins affect brain development brings the evidence to the general public.

Solar Energy the Third Way

Efficient production of solar energy with solar thermo-electric generators (STEGs)...

The Push for Renewable Energy

An author-activist urges public engagement to ensure the transition to renewable energy

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