Formation and Diversity of Planetary Systems

11/08/21 Advanced technology reveals a super-abundance of planetary systems in the universe. And astronomers are investigating how these systems form as well as their amazing diversity. Joan Najita

The Tumultuous Milky Way and Its Satellite Galaxies

08/23/11 How do spiral galaxies like our Milky Way form? Elena D'Onghia

Infinitely Small to Infinitely Great: The Search for Microbial Life on Other Worlds

04/10/18 A collaboration of ocean and space scientists that will advance our understanding of exo-worlds, such as Enceladus and Europa. Peter Girguis

Finding Their Way: How Migratory Creatures Get Where They’re Going

04/19/22 Because of a special biological feature called magnetoreception, migratory birds and other creatures are able to navigate enormous distances without getting lost. How does this capacity to “read” Earth’s magnetic field work, and is that the only map to aid migration? Charles Walcott

Plankton: The Humble Base of the Ocean Ecosystem

02/14/17 Ancient diatom fossils provide clues to the adaptability of these vital organisms in the deep past, and can help predict plankton survival in the present climate change. Christopher Bowler

A Brief History of Earth: Four Billion Years in Eight Chapters

08/23/21 In his latest book for the general public, an esteemed geologist makes the dynamics of our planet and its lifeforms accessible to all. A must-read for all who care about our Earth. Andrew Knoll

How Environmental Pollutants Impair Brain Development

04/08/14 A world authority on how environmental toxins affect brain development brings the evidence to the general public. Philippe Grandjean

Traffic Pollution and Child Cognition

09/27/10 The effects of vehicle pollutants on the developing brain. Shakira Franco Suglia

Replacing Plastic: The Merits of Shrilk

02/04/14 Materials scientist Javier Fernandez discusses the "plastisphere" crisis and how it motivated the development of biodegradable "shrilk."

Solar Thermoelectric Alternative Energy

10/25/11 A nanotechnology innovation designed to significantly improve production of solar energy. Gang Chen

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