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Sept 08: Origami: Art and Science

Discover how art and science intersect; it will change your entire perspective

Note: The fall events schedule will be posted later this summer. In June-July-August we will be producing new mini-documentaries for our Working Science series. The WS videos will be uploaded as we finish them.

Resistance to New Ideas

Many of the most important advances in scientific understanding were initially rejected or ignored.

The Need for Science Funding

In an era of global science, other nations are increasing their science budgets. Why aren't we?

Cosmos: Star Cycles

Millions of years after the Big Bang, scattered areas of gas density gradually increased in mass, heat and pressure, until they ignited in spectacular bursts of nuclear fusion...

Life: Evolution and Extinction

The long reign of bacteria, the eventual branching and diversification, symbiogenesis, the dramatic mass extinctions and resurgence of life...

Earth's True Age

The evidence for a 4-billion-years-old Earth was a serious contradiction of the widely held Biblical view

Mahajan Mathematics

A novel approach to teaching mathematics

Exoplanet Atomospheres

How do scientists investigate exoplanet atmospheres --and what are they discovering?

How DNA is Folded in Cells and Why it Matters

How DNA is folded in the cell may shed light on cancer and other diseases

The Jurassic Genome

Genetic material in ancient fossils yields an amazing profile of extinct organisms

The Role of the Ocean in the Global Carbon Cycle

The complex relationship between marine life and the chemistry and circulation of oceans

Impact of Climate Change on Birds and Plants of Massachusetts

A discussion of the exceptionally well-documented climate change in Massachusetts

Harnessing the Bioelectric Potential of Cells for Regeneration

Can bioelectric signals in cells be exploited for regeneration of limbs and tissue?

Conflicting Science on the Safety of Genetically Modified Food

Many nations prohibit GMO foods, but the US doesn't even require labeling. What can science tell us about GMOs?

Public Acceptance of Wind Energy in Massachusetts: Factors, Implications

Why public acceptance of wind power can differ from one community to another

Innovations in Clean Water Technology

Desalination offers a solution to the water shortage problem...

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