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November 27: The War on Science: What We Need to Do

The anti-science mentality and policies threaten public health, environment, and safety --and also our progress in many scientific fields.


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The concept that all matter is composed of an invisible but fundamental entity was resisted for a very long time.

History of the Universe in One Hour

From the Big Bang to parallel universes...

Renaissance Roots of Modern Science

From astrology to astronomy, from superstition to empirical investigation....

Sustaining Life: Biodiversity and Human Health

How the unprecedented loss of biodiversity impacts human health

How the Brain Produces Language --and What Can Go Wrong

The science of neural networks reveals the awesome complexity of normal speech production and also brings help for language disorders.

Atmosphere: Earth and Elsewhere

What an atmosphere is, what it does, how it changes --on Earth, elsewhere in our solar system and beyond

Take Action! How We Can Save the Environment

Harvard's Law School Environmental Clinic shows us how we can use the law to save our environment

Traffic Pollution and Child Cognition

The effects of vehicle pollutants on the developing brain

How Delayed Release of Industry Data on Chemical Toxicity Impacts Health

Producers of perfluorinated alkylate substances (PFAS) withheld for decades the facts about the health and environmental threats of these ubiquitous toxins.

There Is More Than Enough Renewable Energy

Irrefutable evidence for why we should --and can-- transition to renewable energy without delay

Energy Revolution!

Conversion to wind and solar power is possible now in the U.S.

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Priyamvada Natarajan, Ph.D.

A splendid discussion of the initial resistance to --and ultimate acceptance of -- many fundamental concepts of modern astrophysics/astronomy

Featured Guest

Meet Mercedes Lopez-Morales, Ph.D.

A astrophysicist who investigates the atmospheres of planets outside our solar system