Renaissance Roots of Modern Science

From astrology to astronomy, from superstition to empirical investigation....... Toby Lester

Light from Darkness? Searching for Dark Matter in the Sky

Dark matter is believed to comprise five-sixths of the matter in the universe, but cannot be "seen." Now, technical innovations offer closer observation and maybe new physics. Tracy Slatyer

Mass Extinctions

What caused Earth's five mass extinctions --and most important--are we headed for a sixth? Andrew Knoll

Enigmas of Life: Getting It Started and Becoming Complex

An investigation of the two major questions about the origin of life, and their relevance in search for life elsewhere in the universe. Zachary Adam

Industrial Agriculture and the Humble Strawberry

The inherent conflict between profit from one of California's major crops and the impact on environment and health. Julie Guthman

The Science of Clouds and Climate

The Cziczo Lab at MIT investigates the particles that form clouds and the vital role of clouds in climate change. Daniel Cziczo

The Widespread Resistance to Antibiotics: Stuart B. Levy, M.D.

Exploring the "antibiotic paradox" and the decades-long efforts of Dr. Stuart Levy to avert the danger we have created

Probing the Causes of Cancer

02/22/21 The dual role of socioeconomic background and a family of (BET) proteins in the disproportionate occurrence of certain cancers. Gerald V. Denis

Science Outreach Programs for Youth

How university educational outreach programs encourage high school students' interest in science. Irene Porro

Power Plants and the Freshwater Crisis

The cooling systems of power plants use an enormous percentage of our diminishing freshwater supply. What's the solution? John Rogers

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Emily Monosson, Ph.D.

An evolutionary toxicologist considers why some organisms adapt to our toxic world while others do not.

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Meet Jeremy Shakun, Ph.D.

A geologist who probes the ice in Arctic caves for their record of geological history.