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June 4: How Science Fiction Inspired Science

David Toomey explains the surprising connections between the realm of science fiction and science fact, especially the ways in which sci-fi anticipated discoveries in real science.

June 11: The Scientific Attitude

Author and philosopher Lee McIntyre discusses his newest book, The Scientific Attitude, and some of his earlier works. A timely subject!


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Continental Drift

The explanation for the geological relationship between continents was originally heresy

Mapping the Milky Way

An amazing 30+ year project and the discovery of two new Milky Way spiral arms. Thomas Dame

Probing Exoplanet Atmospheres

A description of exoplanet atmospheres and how scientists attempt to analyze these alien atmospheres. Alexandria Johnson

Evolution and Environmental Toxins

A toxicologist explains why some organisms thrive in an environment that endangers most species. Emily Monosson

Earth Life and Weird Life

The compelling search for entirely new forms of life elsewhere in our solar system and the universe. David Toomey

Saving the Himalayas

Can the great Himalaya ecosystem adapt to the dual assault of rapid development and climate change? Maharaj Pandit

Ecological and Psychological Perspectives on Climate Change

Factors that influence the way people think about climate change. Brian Helmuth

What's Your DNA Profile Doing on a Federal Database?

The public should know the broad implications of forensic DNA

Understanding Viruses: The Connor Lab

The Connor Lab at Boston University is a leader in the effort to understand how viruses infect and how cells learn how to block infection. John Connor

The War on Science: What We Need to Do

The anti-science mentality and policies threaten public health, environment, and safety --and also our progress in many scientific fields. Andrew Rosenberg

Solar Thermoelectric Alternative Energy

A nanotech innovation to improve solar energy...

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