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August 15: Light from Darkness? Searching for Dark Matter in the Sky

Dark matter is believed to comprise five-sixths of the matter in the universe, but cannot be "seen." Now, however, technical innovations offer the potential for real observation and maybe new physics.


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Meteorite Vaporization

Geologists did not understand that massive meteorites could vaporize on impact

Dark Matter in the Universe

Some mysterious, invisible stuff is holding galaxies together. Peter Fisher

What's Up at the 2015 Large Hadron Collider

A report on the 2015 experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, now at unprecedented 13 TeV energy. Tulika Bose

Antarctic Fishes: Models for Climate Change and Human Disease

How the unique "antifreeze" blood and skeletal mutations of the Antarctic Icefishes provide insights into both climate change adaptations and human disease. H. William Detrich, III

Mass Extinctions

What caused Earth's five mass extinctions --and are we headed for a sixth? Andrew Knoll

Plankton: The Humble Base of the Ocean Ecosystem

Ancient diatom fossils provide clues to the adaptability of these vital organisms in the deep past, and can help predict plankton survival in the present climate change. Christopher Bowler

What Marine Sediments Reveal about Climate Change

A major authority on ocean sediments discusses what these deposits tell us about past and present climate. Richard Murray

Revealing the Brain through States of Unconsciousness

Important insights into the brain from research on anesthesia, coma and sleep. Emery N. Brown

The Electric Eye: A Visual Prosthesis

A major breakthrough in the restoration of vision. Shawn Kelly

Innovations in Clean Water Technology

Desalination offers a solution to the water shortage problem... John Lienhard V

Power Plants and the Freshwater Crisis

The cooling systems of power plants use an enormous percentage of our diminishing freshwater supply. What's the solution? John Rogers

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