A number of our presenters have published books on science topics for the general reader. This effort to make accessible important science concepts and issues is vitally important in an era when this kind of information is becoming increasingly technical. We hope that by providing information about books written by scientists and science writers who have been guests on Science for the Public programs, people will be encouraged to read these works.

Aaron Bernstein, M.D.

The most significant collection of writings on biodiversity and health today

Alan Jasanoff, Ph.D.

An important discussion of why the brain must be considered within its physical, natural, and social environment

Albert-László Barabási, Ph.D.

Reknowned for introducing a paradigm shift in the understanding of complex networks

Ana Soto, M.D. & Carlos Sonnenschein, M.D.

Important probe of traditional assumptions about cell proliferation, particularly in the case of cancer

Andy Knoll, Ph.D.

An acclaimed scientist and award-winning author, whose books on the relationship between geology, environment and evolution are both brilliant and accessible.

Charles Langmuir, Ph.D.

A major text on the deep relationship between life and planetary environment

Clive Hamilton, Ph.D.

An international spokesman for the environment, for alternative energy to replace fossil fuels, and a rational public policy

Daniel Fornari, Ph.D.

A distinguished geophysicist who has been instrumental in discoveries of deep-sea volcanoes and other ocean ridge geological phenomena.

David Mindell, Ph.D.

A leading robotics engineer and historian explains the role of robots in research and other fields today

David R. Montgomery, Ph.D.

A leading geologist who connects the relationship between rocks and life

David Stipp

Clear and accurate information about the prospects for healthy aging

David Toomey, Ph.D.

A writer who also teaches science-technical writing (as well as literature)

Emily Monosson, Ph.D.

An evolutionary toxicologist considers why some organisms adapt to our toxic world while others do not.

Eric Chaisson, Ph.D.

An interdisciplinary approach to the evolution of complexity in the cosmos -from subatomic particles to life

H. William Detrich, Ph.D.

Two textbooks by an international expert on Arctic biology and genetics

Henrik Selin, Ph.D.

An international expert on climate change and environmental policy who emphasizes the need for global action on climate change

Jané Kondev, Ph.D.

A major textbook in the field of physical biology

Jeff Deyette

An essential resource for those who are committed to a better, healthier environment, and excellent tips for significantly reducing individual, household and workplace energy costs.

John Quackenbush, Ph.D.

A very engaging discussion of the human genome project by one of the researchers involved

Jon Beckwith, Ph.D.

A great scientist's dual role as geneticist and social activist

Julie Guthman, Ph.D.

A prize-winning author's books on Big Agriculture

Justin Hollander, Ph.D.

A handbook for public officials and the general public on contamination of land and water -and how some areas can be revived

Kamaljit S. Bawa, Ph.D.

A major textbook on conservation biology and a beautiful tribute to the ecology of the Himalayas

Lee McIntyre, Ph.D.

A philosopher and author who investigates the tension between scientific reasoning and anti-reason

Les Kaufman, Ph.D.

Insightful essays about the relationship between environmental damage and extinction

Mara Prentiss, Ph.D.

A prominent physicist makes a compelling case for shifting to alternative energy --now!

Mario Livio, Ph.D.

A well known astrophysicist who is also gifted at making science and mathematics accessible to the general public

Max Tegmark, Ph.D.

A leading theoretical physicist introduces the public to the mathematical universe

Mick Follows, Ph.D.

An interdisciplinary perspective on the biogeochemical relationships of ocean cycles

Naomi Oreskes, Ph.D.

An indispensable resource about corporate deception tactics --from tobacco to climate change

Paul Steinhardt, Ph.D.

An excellent resource on cosmology for the general reader, co-authored by one of the greatest theoretical physicists of our time

Philip Lieberman, Ph.D.

A distinguished scientist who has contributed significantly to our understanding of the evolution of cognition, communication and language

Philip Warburg

Philip Warburg's books on renewable energy represent the views of diverse people and groups.

Philippe Grandjean, D.M.Sc., M.D.

A world authority on how environmental toxins affect brain development brings the evidence to the general public in this book.

Priyamvada Natarajan, Ph.D.

A splendid discussion of the initial resistance to --and ultimate acceptance of -- many fundamental concepts of modern astrophysics/astronomy

Richard Primack, Ph.D.

Professor Primack's innovative textbooks incorporate information relevant to specific regions where the texts are used

Robert Whitaker

One of the best sources on overprescribing and the serious long-range effects of many psychotropic drugs

Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH

A distinguished scientist who emphasizes the complex relationship between social, environmental and physical factors in the health of populations

Sanjoy Mahajan, Ph.D.

An enlightened approach to learning mathematics -and thinking mathematically

Seth Lloyd

A leader in the development of quantum computers explains, in this book, his model of the universe as a quantum computer

Sharon Levy

A well-known natural history writer's analysis of the Ice-Age extinctions in America

Sheldon Krimsky, Ph.D.

Professor Krimsky's excellent books represent a broad range of science-related issues

Stuart B. Levy, M.D.

An international expert on the mechanisms of antibiotics resistance and a leader in creating public awareness

Susanne Freidberg, Ph.D.

Outstanding resources on the environmental impact of modern agriculture and meat production

Toby Lester

Well-known journalist and author of two widely acclaimed books

Walter Willett, M.D.,

First-rate advice from the most cited nutritionist internationally: a guide to improving health through a good diet