Meet Michael Levin, PhD.

Michael Levin, PhD., is Vannevar Bush Professor in the Department of Biology and Director of Tufts Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology. Professor Levin discussed his work in February 2012 on Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations: Harnessing the Bioelectric Potential in Cells for Regeneration..

Dr. Levin is well known for thinking “outside the box” and for his leading edge research in left-right asymmetry and in how the bioelectrical language of cells can be used to control cell behavior. His more recent research focuses on how living systems learn and store information in cells and tissue outside the brain. In 2004, the journal Nature celebrated his work on left-right asymmetry as a “milestone in developmental biology in the last century.” Dr. Levin’s work has numerous potential applications, including the very early detection of cancer cells and the repair of birth defects.

Tufts Magazine article on Michael Levin