Meet Sheldon Krimsky, PhD

In his April, 2011 SftPublic lecture What's Your DNA Doing on a Federal Database? Dr. Krimsky discussed the issues of privacy and mistakes in an era of forensic DNA, topic of his 2011 book, Genetic Justice DNA Databanking, Criminal Investigations and Civil Liberties (co-authored w/Tania Simoncelli; Columbia University Press, 2011).

Sheldon Krimsky, PhD is a Professor of Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning in the School of Arts & Sciences, Tufts University, and Adjunct Professor in Public Health and Family Medicine in the School of Medicine at Tufts. He is also affiliated with The New School, New York City.

Professor Krimsky, in a long and distinguished career, has focused on the links between public policy and science/technology, environment/health and ethics/values. He has always stressed the importance of public understanding of science-related issues, and his many books for the nonspecialist have attested to his commitment to providing the public with the best information available about such issues, often well ahead of the general media. His numerous awards and books are listed on the SftPublic page for his 2011 lecture. In this bio clip Dr. Krimsky talks about his work, his wide range of interests, and his commitment to public understanding of issues he has covered.