Mick Follows, Ph.D.

(textbook)Ocean Dynamics and the Carbon Cycle. R.G. Williams and M.J. Follows. Cambridge University Press, 2011. Mick Follows discussed The Role of the Ocean in the Global Carbon Cycleon SftPbulic's Contemporary Science program, Jan 22, 2013.

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(description from Cambridge Univ Press website): This book presents an inter-disciplinary view of ocean circulation and its role in shaping marine biogeochemical cycles, in particular the ocean carbon cycle and its relationship to atmospheric carbon dioxide. Background chapters on ocean physics, chemistry and biology provide basic tools with which to examine the range of large-scale physical and biogeochemical phenomena and patterns. Throughout the text, observed data is used to drive questions which are addressed with simple models. Data diagnostics and schematic illustrations summarise key results. NOTE: One innovative feature of this book is that the first two chapters are directed at a non-specialist reader. This is an excellent resource for those who want to get current and accurate background about the relationship between the oceans and the carbon cycle.