SftP Videos: Energy and Resources

In this collection of presentations, interviews, and resources we consider the management of the resources that are necessary for modern life. We examine our resources in terms of the issues that we must resolve and the innovations that are being introduced from many areas of science and technology.

"Green" Batteries for Renewable Energy: How About Rhubarb?

05/23/17 The great potential of ordinary plants in the development of "green" batteries. Alán Aspuru-Guzik

A Potential Solution to the Methane Problem

03/29/22 An innovation attracting great interest: an abundant, inexpensive clay might be used to remove the greenhouse gas methane from the atmosphere. Desiree Plata

Carbon Capture and Conversion

07/19/21 A carbon capture innovation that can produce useful, products, including non-polluting transportation fuels. Sami Khan

Carbon Capture and Storage Will Not Reduce Global Warming

02/09/24 GBH Forum Network webinar (noon ET) The extreme level of atmospheric CO2 is well beyond a “capture and storage/sequestration” solution, yet the hype persists that some clever extraction innovation will resolve the problem. Charles Harvey

Cooler Smarter

06/28/12 A co-author of the new book from the Union of Concerned Scientists describes how individuals can substantially reduce their carbon footprints while creating a healthy lifestyle...Jeff Deyette

Designing Sustainable Urban Development

11/25/19 How the world-class Sustainable Design Lab at MIT combines architecture, engineering, physics --and creative genius-- to design the optimal urban environment. Christoph Reinhart

Distinguishing Scientific Facts from Disinformation and Distortion

04/05/22 How can we distinguish scientific facts from disinformation? This Union of Concerned Scientists writer battles distortion on a regular basis. Elliott Negin

Energy Revolution!

05/21/15 Conversion to wind and solar power is entirely possible now in the U.S. Mara Prentiss

Fracking: The Facts and Issues

11/12/13 A panel of experts presents the known scientific, health and environmental facts about fracking. Phartiyal_Pallavi, Aaron Bernstein, William Moomaw, Andrew Rosenberg

From Sea-Sponge to Skyscraper: Bioinspired Engineering

11/16/20 The structure of a humble marine organism inspires mechanical engineers and architects in the design of skyscrapers, massive bridges and other challenging projects. Matheus Fernandes

Hard Facts about Carbon Capture and Storage

05/18/22 Just how effective is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), the much-promoted solution to the excess atmospheric CO2 from fossil fuels? June Sekera and Neva Goodwin

Harnassing Geothermal Energy

10/11/22 Geothermal energy is an ideal source of renewable energy, but it can be hard to access. Here's a plan. Paul Woskov

Harvesting Electricity Out of Thin Air

10/24/23 Imagine a future world in which clean electricity is available anywhere you go. The generic Air-gen effect innovation means that this future world can become a reality. Jun Yao

How "Clean" Is Blue Hydrogen Energy?

01/11/2022 Is the hype about blue hydrogen as a "clean" energy resource valid? A major investigation emphatically contradicts the "clean" claim. Robert Howarth

Innovations for the People: The GEAR Lab at MIT

10/19/20 The Global Engineering and Research (GEAR) Lab produces cost-saving, practical innovations that make a real difference for developing nations: home-use desalination, drip irrigation -and many other solutions. Amos Winter

Innovations in Clean Water Technology

12/20/11 Desalination offers a solution to the water shortage problem... John Lienhard V

Power Plants and the Freshwater Crisis

06/25/13 The cooling systems of power plants use an enormous percentage of our diminishing freshwater supply. What's the solution? John Rogers

Public Acceptance of Wind Energy in Massachusetts: Factors, Implications

05/14/13 Why public acceptance of wind power can differ from one community to another. Maria Petrova

Renewable Energy Progress --Despite Resistance from the Fossil Fuel Industry

11/10/15 What we can do to speed up the transition to renewable energy, despite Big Oil's well funded resistance. Jeff Deyette

Replacing Plastic: The Merits of Shrilk

02/04/14 Materials scientist Javier Fernandez discusses the "plastisphere" crisis and how it motivated the development of biodegradable "shrilk."

Science Outreach Programs for Youth

10/16/12 How university educational outreach programs encourage high school students' interest in science. Irene Porro

Solar Energy the Third Way

02/14/12 Efficient production of solar energy with solar thermo-electric generators (STEGs)... Gang Chen

Solar Thermoelectric Alternative Energy

10/25/11 A nanotechnology innovation designed to significantly improve production of solar energy. Gang Chen

The Bionic Leaf: Clean Energy for All

08/02/22 A unique innovation based on photosynthesis, the bionic leaf can potentially produce energy and fuel inexpensively --and in a localized manner. Daniel Nocera

The D-Lab at MIT: Engineering by and for Developing Nations

11/01/11 An award-winning MIT lab engineers practical necessities for impoverished nations. Amy Smith

The D-Lab at MIT: The People's Engineering Team

05/29/13 The award-winning D-Lab's unique approach to improving lives in the poorest nations. Amy Smith

The Great Potential of Offshore WInd Farms

05/07/19 How effective are offshore wind farms in nations that have developed them, and why has the US been especially slow to adapt such an important energy resource? Andrew Myers

The Push for Renewable Energy

06/26/16 An author-activist urges public engagement to ensure the transition to renewable energy. Philip Warburg

The Urban Future: On Earth...and Elsewhere

12/05/23 GBH Forum Network webinar (noon). By 2050, some 75 percent of the world population will live in cities. Future urban design will emphasize not only innovative architecture and engineering, but optimal environmental and social aspects of city dwelling also. The urban future might also include settlements beyond Earth. Justin Hollander

The War on Science: What We Need to Do

11/27/18 The anti-science mentality and policies threaten public health, environment, and safety --and also our progress in many scientific fields. What we need to do. Andrew Rosenberg

There Is More Than Enough Renewable Energy

03/06/18 Irrefutable evidence for why we should --and can-- transition to renewable energy without delay. Mara Prentiss

Why Are We Spending Billions on Carbon Capture and Storage?

09/20/22 Despite the hype, carbon capture and storage (CCS) is not a solution to the CO2 problem. Charles Harvey