The Urban Future: On Earth...and Elsewhere

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December 05, 2023 at noon WGBH Forum Network webinar

Justin Hollander, PhD, FAICP, Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, Tufts University.
Urban Attitudes Lab Urban Mars Project

Today, more than 50 percent of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050 some 75 percent will be urbanites. Future urban design will emphasize not only innovative architecture and engineering, but the environmental, health, and social aspects of city dwelling also. And the plans anticipate potential settlements beyond Earth -- Mars in particular.

Justin Hollander is an internationally recognized expert on urban planning, with many academic and media contributions. He discusses the evolving concern for healthy urban design and the numerous challenges involved in this transition. Dr. Hollander also discusses his recent book on the prospect of Mars colonization: The First City on Mars: An Urban Planner’s Guide to Settling the Red Planet

Justin Hollander is frequently called upon for his expertise on urban planning and design issues for a variety of media including C-SPAN, WGBH, NPR, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, TIME Magazine, USA Today. He also hosts the Apple podcast "Cognitive UrbanismT".

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