I Wonder Why? Magic, Mystery and Mathematics in the Mundane

01/14/21 Mathematics is the foundation of everything in Nature: structures, dynamics, processes. Understanding that foundation changes our perception of Nature. Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan

They Didn't Believe It! Dark Matter

12/02/19 Most of the matter in the universe is invisible --and scientists still do not know what it is. This is a brief story of how the idea of dark matter was very slowly accepted.

Infinitely Small to Infinitely Great: The Search for Microbial Life on Other Worlds

04/10/18 A collaboration of ocean and space scientists that will advance our understanding of exo-worlds, such as Enceladus and Europa. Peter Girguis

How the Brain Produces Language --and What Can Go Wrong

11/17/15 The science of neural networks reveals the awesome complexity of normal speech production and also brings help for language disorders. Frank Guenther

Effects of Climate Change on New England’s Forests

01/15/20 The detailed study of New England forests helps to predict the impact of decreasing snowpacks and rising temperatures ecosystems.. Pamela Templer

Microbes Matter: From Healthy Soil to Your Healthy Gut

02/08/17 An important new book connects the dots between the role of microbes in healthy soil and in human health. David Montgomery and Anne Biklé

The Electric Eye: A Visual Prosthesis

10/26/10 A major breakthrough in the restoration of vision. Shawn Kelly

Spillover! Virus Transmission from Animals-to-Humans

07/14/21 Many viruses, including coronaviruses such as covid-19, originate in wild animals. Understanding the transfer and infection process is a major concern in medical science today. Jonathan Runstadler

A Potential Solution to the Methane Problem

03/29/22 An innovation attracting great interest: an abundant, inexpensive clay might be used to remove the greenhouse gas methane from the atmosphere. Desiree Plata

Carbon Capture and Storage Will Not Reduce Global Warming

02/09/24 GBH Forum Network webinar (noon ET) The extreme level of atmospheric CO2 is well beyond a “capture and storage/sequestration” solution, yet the hype persists that some clever extraction innovation will resolve the problem. Charles Harvey

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