Cosmic Evolution

12/09/14 From the beginning of the universe to complex life: an explanation of the development of the cosmos. Eric Chaisson

Reconstructing the Evolution of Stars

01/24/17 How astronomers read the evolution of the universe through the chemistry of the stars. Robert Simcoe

Mass Extinctions

04/09/19 What caused Earth's five mass extinctions --and most important--are we headed for a sixth? Andrew Knoll

Antarctic Fishes: Models for Climate Change and Human Disease

07/09/13 the unique "antifreeze" blood and skeletal mutations of the Antarctic Icefishes provide insights into both climate change adaptations and human disease. H. William Detrich, III

Understanding Coastal Ecosystems

06/18/15 A visit to the Helmuth Lab at NEU's Marine Science Center to learn how scientists investigate effects of changing climate on coastal ecosystems. Brian Helmuth

The Role of Oceans in Climate

06/16/15 A visit to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to learn how researchers investigate the dynamic relationship between oceans and climate. Amala Mahadevan

New Ways of Imaging the Brain

08/16/18 A visit to the Alan Jasanoff Lab at MIT to learn how brain scientists are developing new techniques and devices to improve brain imaging.

Herbal Medicines Decoded: How Plants That Soothe and Cure Do It

09/10/19 From ancient traditions to modern pharmaceutical labs, certain plants have been valued for their therapeutic qualities. The Weng Lab analyzes the unique chemistry --and evolution-- of such plants. Jing-Ke Weng

The D-Lab at MIT: Engineering by and for Developing Nations

11/01/11 An award-winning MIT lab engineers practical necessities for impoverished nations. Amy Smith

Carbon Capture and Conversion

07/19/21 A carbon capture innovation that can produce useful, products, including non-polluting transportation fuels. Sami Khan

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