John Quackenbush, Ph.D.

(extract from Publisher's description) In The Curiosity Guide to the Human Genome, John Quackenbush, PhD, provides, in this very readable account, the history and science behind the Human Genome Project and the technologies that are revolutionizing the practice of medicine today. He demystifies the fundamental principles of genetics and molecular biology, including the astounding ways in which genes function, alone or together with other genes and the environment, to either sustain life or trigger disease. In addition, Dr. Quackenbush goes beyond medicine to examine how DNA-sequencing technology is changing how we think of ourselves as a species by providing new insights about our earliest ancestors and reconfirming our inextricable link to all life on earth. Finally, he explores the legal and ethical questions surrounding such controversial topics as stem cell research, prenatal testing, forensics, and cloning.

View Professor John Quackenbush's September, 2011 discussion of the human genome project and the great possibilities it offers for medical progress.


Human Genome: Book of Essential Knowledge. John Quackenbush. Imagine Publishing, 2011.