Speakers & Guests

Brief bios of some of our presenters.

Lynn Adler, Ph.D

A biologist who investigates the relationship between bumblebees, their preferred food-flowers, and the transmission of bee diseases.

Bree Aldridge, PhD

A researcher whose discoveries about TB bacteria are widely recognized

Sushil Alimchandani, PhD

A computational biologist's view of cellular mechanisms

Ana Diaz Artiles, Ph.D.

An aerospace engineer on the leading edge of artificial gravity designs, space physioogy and other innovations for living in space

Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Ph.D.

An innovative leader in the development of renewable energy

Albert-László Barabási, Ph.D.

A leader in the discovery of the underlying common structure of diverse complex systems, including the Web, social networks, and disease patterns

Aly Baumgartner, Ph.D.

A paleobotanist who applies her expertise to links between environmental shifts and evolution

Kamaljit Bawa, PhD

A world leader in conservation biology and founder of ATREE

Jon Beckwith, Ph.D.

A leading researcher in genetics, associated with major discoveries, who has also emphasized the social implications of this field.

Edo Berger, Ph.D.

A pioneer in the study of neutron stars and gravitational waves

Aaron Bernstein, M.D., MPH

A global ambassador for health underscores importance of biodiversity

Anne Biklé

Biologist and Environmental Planner, and co-author of two important books explaining soil as a crucial ecosystem.

Emilio Bizzi, M.D., Ph.D.

An esteemed leader in the neuroscience of complex movement

Douglas Bolender, Ph.D.

An archaeologist who has contributed especially to the understanding of Viking settlements in Iceland.

Ciprian Borcea, Ph.D.

A mathematician who investigates how geometry determines the limits of structures and motion.

Tanja Bosak, PhD

A researcher who tracks the evolutionary relationship between life and environment

Tulika Bose, PhD

A particle physicist explains the excitement of the research at the Large Hadron Collider

Amy Bower, Ph.D

An expert on the dynamics of major ocean currents and the complex relationship with global climate patterns.

Chris Bowler, Ph.D.

A major marine and plant biologist who analyzes fossil plankton genomes to predict potenitial adaptabilty of modern plankton in a threatened environment

Tereasa Brainerd, PhD

An astrophysicist whose work focuses on dark matter halos, satellite galaxies and gravitational lensing

Emery Brown, M.D., PhD

A distinguished researcher in neuroscience, particularly in different forms of unconsciousness

Itay Budin

A graduate student who unravels the origin of the cell membrane

Louise Cameron, Ph.D.

A marine ecologist specializing in how ocean acidification is affecting shellfish, and searching for ways to save sea-life.

Eric Chaisson, Ph.D.

An outstanding scientist and author with an interdisciplinary approach to studying the evolution of the universe

Gang Chen, PhD

A major innovator in the field of alternative energy

John H. Connor, PhD

A virus expert whose work reveals how viruses function and how they can be controlled

Otto Cordero, Ph.D.

An innovative scientist recognized especially for combining the physics-chemistry-biology aspects in the study of the development and evolution of microbial collectives.

Jill Crittenden, Ph.D.

A neuroscientist who probes the neurochemical breakdowns that accompany motor diseases and dysfunctions.

Dan Cziczo, PhD

A leading researcher on the science of clouds and what clouds reveal about climate change

Elena D'Onghia, PhD

An astrophysicist who investigates dark matter in galaxies

Colleen Dalton, PhD

The most advanced research methods for investigating and predicting seismic activity

Thomas Dame, PhD

A leading astrophysicist's decades-long project: the mapping of the Milky Way and discovery of two new spiral arms

Gautam Dantas, Ph.D.

A pioneer in the effort to overcome antibiotic resistance

Barnabas Daru, Ph.D.

A young researcher whose work is raising awareness of the complex dependence of marine ecosystems on seagrasses

Kristen DeAngelis, Ph.D.

A microbiologist who specializes in the complex ecosystems of soil microbes.

Gerald V. Denis, PhD

A prominent cancer researcher who emphasizes the role of the socioeconomic factor in numerous types of cancer

William Detrich, PhD

An outstanding scientist reveals how the "anti-freeze" adaptations in Antarctic icefish can shed light on the relationship between climate and evolution and also on resistance to disease

Arjun Dey, Ph.D.

An astrophysicist who searches the most distant reaches of the universe explains what large-scale structures reveal about the cosmos.

Jeff Deyette

An expert at the Union of Concerned Scientists who calculates how individuals can contribute to energy efficiency

Florian Douam, Ph.D.

An innovative virus expert's insights on contemporary virus research, the Covid-19 virus, and mRNA vaccines

John Ebel, Ph.D.

A prominent seismologist explains how and where earthquakes and tsunamis are generated

Nir Eisikovits, Ph.D.

A prominent philosopher who addresses issues in Artificial Intelligence and in military ethics.

Slava Epstein, Ph.D.

A leader in both the effort to identify unknown microbes and the effort to create viable antibiotics

Candace Famiglietti

A current (2020) Ph.D. student whose multidisciplinary approach to protecting Earth's wildlife and environment will produce real results.

Evelina Fedorenko, Ph.D.

A cognitive scientist whose focus is unique cases of language acquisition

Matheus Fernandes

A doctoral student with a very promising research in biomimetics -developing engineering, architectural and computational designs based on the structures of natural organisms.

Javier Fernandez, PhD

A brilliant scientist who is developing innovative biodegradable and biocompatible materials for use in products and biomedical applications

Peter Fisher, PhD

A leading researcher in particle physics, dark matter, cosmic rays

Tamar Flash, Ph.D.

An international leader in computational neuroscience and the brain-map of motion

Mick Follows, PhD

An expert on the crucial role of ocean plankton in maintaining the Earth's CO2 balance

Daniel Fornari, Ph.D.

An expert on the dynamic deep-sea volcanoes

Dudley Foster

A legendary Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution engineer who was part of the historical Alvin manned deep-sea submersible team

Susanne Freidberg, PhD

One of the most prominent researchers on the impact of large-scale and global food production

Robinson Fulweiler, Ph.D.

An expert on the physical-chemical-biological components of wetland and salt marshes ecosystems.

Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH

A distinguished physician-public health scientist who emphasizes the context of health: the economic, social, environmental factors that affect an individual's well-being in addition to the biological factors.

Jonathan Garlick, D.D.S., Ph.D.

A leader in stem cell research, with an equal commitment to communicating science to the general public.

Melissa Garrido, Ph.D.

A healthcare expert who is concerned to make healthcare in the U.S. available to everyone.

Mary Gehring, PhD

A Whitehead Institute researcher who is probing the role of epigenetics in biological inheritance

Peter Girguis, PhD

A pioneer in the investigation of extreme life at the deep-sea hydrovents

Patricia Glibert, Ph.D.

A prominent a marine scientist, distinguished for her research on nutrient use by phytoplankton and harmful algal blooms in waters around the world.

Christopher Golden, Ph.D.

Important research on the relationship between malnutrition in poor nations and the combined impact of industrial fishing and climate change

Natalya Gomez, Ph.D.

A researcher working at the intersection between solid Earth geophysics and climate change science to analyze glacial melting

Neva Goodwin, Ph.D.

An economist with a unique focus on economic systems and ecological restoration.

Philippe Grandjean, M.D., D.M.Sc.

A distinguished and award-winning scientist who has worked for decades to raise public awareness of the impact of environmental toxins on the developing brain

Lincoln Greenhill, Ph.D.

A prominent astrophysicist shows how radio astronomy probes the early universe

Frank Guenther, PhD

A scientist who combines engineering and neural science skills to develop a brain-computer interface

Julie Guthman, Ph.D.

A distinguished social scientist who analyzes the relationship between Big Agriculture, health and environment

Davidson Hamer, M.D.

A specialist in infectious diseases, with extensive medical and research experience in more than 50 nations --and a dedicated advocate for children's health worldwide.

Clive Hamilton, PhD

A major ethicist and author talks about the geoengineering issue and his new book on that topic, Earthmasters

Charles Harvey, Ph.D.

A distinguished engineer who questions the viability of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Susan Heideman

A very original artist who is much interested in the kinship between art and science

Brian Helmuth, Ph.D.

A leading marine envionment scientist who is also committed to public outreach

David Hibbett, Ph.D.

A wonderful explainer of the importance of fungi and mushrooms

Justin Hollander, PhD, AICP

A leader in modern urban planning and in research on the issue of brownfields (contaminated land).

Robert Howarth, Ph..D.

This internatonally recognized biogeochemist and ecosystem expert has contributed significantly to science --and to the environmental cause.

Julie Huber, Ph.D.

Her research probes the nature and extent of life on Earth in one of its least explored corners, the sub-seafloor habitat beneath the ocean floor.

Jeffrey Hughes, PhD

A major authority on space weather: solar cycles and coronal mass ejections

Miaki Ishii, Ph.D.

A seismologist whose research is on the cutting edge of investigations of the deep Earth

Maria Ivanova, Ph.D.

An outstanding researcher and advocate for international policies to protect wildlife, environment and resources.

Wendy Jacobs, J.D.

A prominent law professor provides a how-to to create the public momentum that will ensure environmental protections.

Alan Jasanoff, Ph.D.

A leading brain scientist who demonstrates why the brain is conditioned by a biological and social environment.

Raul Jimenez, Ph.D.

An astrophysicist who investigates some of the most interesting questions about the cosmos --including gamma ray bursts

Alexandria Johnson, Ph.D.

A post-doctoral researcher in the exciting young field of exoplanet atmospheres

Betul Kacar, Ph.D.

A dynamic researcher in the young field of paleogenomics reconstructs evolution

David Kaiser, Ph.D.

An expert on the relationship between science and the culture in which it develops

Les Kaufman, PhD

An early voice, and a persistent one, in warnings of the impact of climate change on ocean ecology

Shawn Kelly, Ph.D.

An innovative engineer who has developed a famous electric eye, and a brain stimulation device among other devices

Andrew Kemp, Ph.D.

A researcher who represents the interdisiplinary approach to climate change

Scott Kenyon, Ph.D.

A very engaging authority on planet formation, binary star systems, and runaway stars

Aaron Kesselheim, M.D., J.D., M.P.H.

A research physician who brings his combined medical and legal expertise to the evaluation of regulatory agencies

Sami Khan, Ph.D.

An innovator in the field of mechanical engineering who has developed a promising carbon capture and conversion system, among other things.

Hali Kilbourne, Ph.D.

A paleoceanographer who uses the ocean's historical climate markers to compare with contemporary data for the development of more accurate climate models.

Markus Klute, Ph.D.

A particle physicist involved in both the search for new particles (Large Hadron Collider, CERN) and the design of particle detectors.

Andrew Knoll, Ph.D.

An international expert on the interdependence of the evolution of early life and the young Earth

Thomas Koeller, Ph.D.

A major endocrinology researcher with a deep commitment to revealing how ubiquitous toxins compromise brain development --and also to demanding controls on toxins

Jané Kondev, PhD

An expert on the physical mechanisms of cells explains the implications of the random decisions cells make.

Sheldon Krimsky, PhD

One of the most prolific researchers on public health issues, greatly committed to educating the public

Andrew Kurtz, Ph.D.

An expert on the science of the soil and how climate change and other forces affect the "skin of the Earth"

James Lackner, Ph.D.

Founder-Director of the Ashton-Graybiel Spatial Orientation Lab at Brandeis University, a major center for research on human adaptation to living in space.

Philip Landrigan, MD, MSc, FAAP

A distinguished leader in the struggle to ban pesticides and other toxins that impair brain development

Charles Langmuir, Ph.D.

A distinguished geochemist and author, who has led some of the most important seafloor investigations in our time.

Silas Laycock, Ph.D.

An astronomer who investigates black holes, pulsars and other major areas of modern astronomy.

Toby Lester

Acclaimed author of The Fourth Part of the World (2009) and Da Vinci’s Ghost (2012)

Michael Levin, PhD.

A researcher with an exceptionally innovative approach to regeneration and developmental biology

Sharon Levy

A respected nature writer discusses ancient and modern extinctions

Stuart B. Levy, M.D.

An international leader in raising awareness about the misuse of antibiotics and the resulting crisis of antibiotics resistance

Kim Lewis, Ph.D.

Developer of numerous innovations in antibiotics research, and especially noted for a 2014 breakthrough

Philip Lieberman, Ph.D.

A distinguished expert on the anatomy and evolution of human language and animal communication

Diana Liverman, Ph.D.

A major contributor to the research on Earth Systems Boundaries and the effort to alert world leaders to the urgent need to address the global threat to all forms of life.

Mario Livio, PhD

A leading astrophysicist with a great gift for communicating complex science concepts to the general public

Seth Lloyd, Ph.D.

A pioneer in quantum computing, with a comprehensive view of quantum mechanics that includes QM in the cosmos and biology

Mercedes Lopez-Morales, Ph.D.

A astrophysicist who investigates the atmospheres of planets outside our solar system

Michelle Lougee

A very original artist whose crochet sculptures created from discarded plastic have made news

Chensheng (Alex) Lu, Ph.D.

Ths persistent and thorough researcher is committed to getting the scientific facts about honeybee decimation to the public.

Laurence Madin, Ph.D.

An expert on "floating" marine organisms such as jellyfish: their physiology, mobility, and their ecosystems. And a designer of a marine robot to study them.

Amala Mahadevan, Ph.D.

A physical oceanography scientist investigates important relationships between the oceans and climate change

Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan, Ph.D.

An extraordinary mathematician who shows the mathematics behind everyday phenomena

Sanjoy Mahajan, Ph.D.

A mathematician with visionary ideas of how to teach --and discover-- mathematics today

JoAnn Manson, MD, MPH, DrPH

A prominent medical researcher whose studies are widely cited

Paul Martiini, Ph.D.

Important contributions to the analysis of cosmic acceleration, quasars and galaxy formation, and to design of instruments for these investigations, especially the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI).

Chris Marx, PhD

An innovator in the investigation of a rather new area of microbiology

Lee McIntyre, Ph.D.

A philosopher and author concerned with the tension between the necessity for scientific thinking and social groups antagonistic toward reason.

Brendan Meade, Ph.D.

An applied computational scientist and professor of earth & planetary sciences, known for his advanced models of earthquake patterns over time

David Mindell, Ph.D.

A leading robotics engineer and historian emphasizes the importance of the social-psychological aspect of using robots.

Emily Monosson, Ph.D.

A toxicologist whose focus is on the impact of environmental toxins on evolutionary mechanisms

David R. Montgomery, Ph.D.

A major geologist who connects the relationship between rocks and life

William Moomaw, Ph.D.

A distinguished scientist who has worked for decades to implement sound environment and climate policies

James Mott, Ph.D.

A physicist who was involved in developing the custom electronics for the famous Fermilab Muon g-2 experiment.

Tom Mrowka, PhD

A leading theoretical mathematician explains the crucial role of mathematics in understanding Nature

Julian Munoz, Ph.D.

An innovative theoretical cosmologist who has introduced exciting new possibilities about the nature of dark matter and primordial black holes.

Richard Murray, PhD

A leading expert on ocean sediments and biogeochemistry of the oceans

Andrew Myers, Ph.D.

A leader in developing and promoting the great potential of offshore wind farms

Steven Nahn, PhD

A member of the international CMS project at the Large Hadron Collider discusses his fascinating work

Joan Najita, PhD

A leading researcher on stellar disk formation discusses what astronomers now know --and don't know-- about the formation of solar systems

Priyamvada Natarajan, Ph.D.

An innovative astrophysicist who is also deeply committed to promoting worldwide science literacy

Elliott Negin

A prominent Union of Concerned Scientists writer who is a very reliable source of information about science-related issues

Daniel Nocera

A distinguished chemist and innovator, known especially for his energy innovation, the bionic leaf.

James P. O'Dwyer, Ph.D.

Leading research on one of the most important areas of biology: "Ecological systems are the archetypal complex systems."

Beth Orcutt

A specialist in the important role of deep-sea microbial ecosystems that are the foundation for marine life. These ecosystems may be disrupted by deep-sea mining and sub-seafloor carbon sequestration.

Naomi Oreskes, Ph.D.

A geologist and outstandiing science historian who has shown how corporate disinformation campaigns mislead the public

Chris Organ, PhD

A scientist who has developed methods for reconstructing the genomes of ancient dinosaurs

David Page, Ph.D.

A distinguished leader in the research on the Y chromosome, and Director of the Whitehead Institute at MIT

Maharaj K. Pandit, Ph.D.

A leader in the effort to reveal the complex ecologies of the Himalaya region and the need to protect this region

Alexander Petroff, PhD

A geophysicist who develops mathematical models to investigate ancient natural processes

Maria Petrova, PhD

An important source for public attitudes toward renewable energy

Desiree Plata, Ph.D.

A dynamic civil and environmental engineer who specializes in developing sustainable environment innovations.

Irene Porro, PhD

A veteran developer of science outreach programs for youth

Matthew Powner, PhD

A researcher whose award-winning work on the origin of life receives a great deal of attention

Mara Prentiss, Ph.D.

A leading physicist explains how to implement renewable energy in the US --now!

Richard B. Primack, PhD

A reknowned conservation scientist and a prolific author

John Quackenbush, PhD

A leader in the development of genomic medicine, the personalized medicine of the future

Sukrit Ranjan, Ph.D.

An astrobiologist investigates the possible role of ultra-violet radiation in the emergence of life on exoplanets around M dwarf stars

Michael Reed, Ph.D.

A biologist who specializes in birds and studies numerous conservation problems, especially the characteristics of species that put them most at risk from habitat loss and climate change

Christoph Reinhart, Ph.D.,

An international leader in urban design, emphasis on healthy and sustainable environment

Alonso Ricardo, PhD

A biochemist who reconstructs the origin of the cell

Jack Ridge, Ph.D.

A leader in the study of North American glacial varves

Susan Roberts, Ph.D.

A prominent nutrition researcher who investigates the connection between diet and health issues

John Rogers

An expert on freshwater use, the freshwater crisis, and the potential of alternative energy

Daniel Rothman, Ph.D.

A mathematician widely recognized for developing models of very complex phenomena, such as climate change and extinction

Jonathan Runstadler, DVM, PhD

An outstanding leader in virus transmission from animal hosts to humans --and the ecological disruptions that promote such spillovers.

June Sekera, MPA

A public policy practitioner and researcher whose work and publications are focused on the public economy and public goods production.

Henrik Selin, Ph.D.

An international expert on climate change and environmental policy who emphasizes the need for global action on climate change

Jeremy Shakun, Ph.D.

A geologist who probes the ice in Arctic caves for their record of geological history.

Robert Simcoe, Ph.D.

An innovative astronomer and developer of cutting-edge instruments for optical/infra-red astronomy

Tracy Slatyer, Ph,D,

A leader in innovative theoretical research on the efforts to reveal dark matter

Amy Smith

The award-winning founder and director of the famous D-Lab at MIT

Tanya Smith, PhD

An expert on reconstructing individual histories through fossil teeth

Justin Solomon, Ph.D.

A mathematician deconstructs the gerrymander for public understanding --and his work extends well beyond that

Sameer Sonkusale, Ph.D.

An innovator in the development of nano-scale sensors and circuits used in medicine (such as "smart thread"), and a researcher committed democratizing science

Carlos Sonnenschein, M.D.

A pioneer in revealing the health threat of endocrine disruptors

Ana Soto, M.D.

One of the first researchers to reveal the effects of endocrine disruptors on human health

Erika Spanger-Siegfried

The lead climate analyst in the Climate and Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), who provides the reliable information that is much needed.

Jacqueline Sperling, Ph.D.

A prominent psychologist whose focus is anxiety explains how social media causes stress in teens.

Gigliola Staffilani, PhD

A theoretical mathematician who elucidates some of the most difficult forces and patterns of Nature

Paul Steinhardt, Ph.D.

One of the most extraordinary -and comprehensive- theoretical physicists of our time

David Stipp

One of the leading writers on the subject of extending the human lifespan

Ileana Streinu, Ph.D.

A mathematician who examines how geometry determines the limits of structures and motion

Shakira Franco Suglia, ScD.

A researcher who examines the impact of urban pollution on cognitive development

Roger Summons, Ph.D.

A major contributor to the identification of biomarkers in ancient Earth rocks and oils, as well as extraterrestrial biogeochemical fossils

Max Tegmark, PhD

A prominent astrophysicist's perspective on multiple universes

Pamela Templer, Ph.D.

A prominent biogeoscientist who probes the relationship between climate change, forests and their creatures, and the soil

Mehmet Toner, Ph.D.

An international leader in cryopreservation, the field of organ-and-tissue preservation methods, essential for modern medicine

David Toomey, Ph.D.

A unique academic who bridges literature and science writing.

John Lienhard V, PhD

A world leader in the design of desalination engineering

Licia Verde, Ph.D.

An astrophysicist whose research aims for an explanation of the relationship between large-scale structures and the mysterious accelerating expansion of the universe

Mark Vogelsberg, Ph.D.

An astrophysicist who specializes in developing complex simulations to test hypotheses of the early universe

Charles Walcott, Ph.D.

A leader in research on magnetoreception and numerous other unique animal features and capacities.

Philip Warburg, Ph.D.

Author, lawyer and former director of the Conservation Law Foundation

Benjamin Weiss, PhD

A leading researcher in the role of magnetism in planetary, astroid and lunar evolution

Marc Weisskopf, PhD, ScD

A major researcher in epidemiology studies on autism and other cognitive disorders

Jing-Ke Weng, Ph.D.

A leading researcher in the potential medical properties of plants

Robert Whitaker

One of the most respected authors on the subject of psychotropic drugs

Walter Willett, M.D., Dr. P.H.

An international leader in epidemiology and nutrition research, especially on the relationship between diet and the occurrence of major diseases.

Amos Winter, Ph.D.

Director of the GEAR Lab at MIT, famous for innovations that really change lives, especially in the developing world.

Timothy Wise

A major source for the facts about the impact of Big Ag

Bang Wong

Creative Director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and well known innovator in science illustration

Paul P. Woskov, Ph.D.

An innovative research engineer known especially for his work in millimeter-wave technologies, nuclear fusion, and geothermal energy;.

Jun Yao, Ph.D.

This innovator is developing breakthrough devices for clean energy, medical monitoring and other areas of mechanical engineering.