Meet Slava Epstein, Ph.D.

Slava Epstein, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, College of Science, Northeastern University. Epstein Lab

Dr. Epstein appeared on SftPublic's Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations on October 18, 2016: Exploring the Dark Matter of the Microbial World. In this video Dr. Epstein explains why 99 percent of bacteria are still unidentified, despite the sophistication of microbiology today. He has contributed greatly to the study of the interdependence of microbe types in the wild, and also to the development of viable antibiotics. His award-winning work with NEU colleague Kim Lewis led to a dual breakthrough: the discovery of a unique microbe and an innovative approach to cultivating it. The result was the a new and very promising antibiotic. But the work continues, since the vast majority of microbe species are still unidentified.

Dr. Epstein's unique contributions to microbiology are coupled with his extraordinary background --a story that is an inspiration for young scientists everywhere.

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