Meet Dan Cziczo, PhD

Daniel Cziczo, PhD is the Victor P. Starr Career Development Associate Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Awards: NASA Group Achievement Award, ARCTAS Mission DOE Outstanding Performance Award, ISDAC Campaign, Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, CIRES Outstanding Performance Award

An expert on high altitude cirrus clouds, Dr. Cziczo has been featured in multiple Science for the Public programs:

  • SftPublic Science Lectures Series (September, 2017): Clouds, Chemistry and Climate Change: Why Our Current Climate Is What It Is
  • Working Science (April, 2016): What to Know about Geoengineering. Dr. Cziczo explains the crisis of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere: the CO2 will remain in the atmosphere well into the future, even if we could immediately switch to renewable energy today. He explains the three geoengineering approaches to dealing with that problem, two of which are "masking" strategies, and the third a removal strategy. Only the third is viable.
  • Working Science (March, 2015): filmed at the Cziczo Lab at MIT. In this video The Science of Clouds and Climate Dr. Cziczo demonstrates with a cloud chamber how particles (aerosols) in the atmosphere form clouds, and he shows the kinds of equipment used for the analysis of atmospheric aerosols. This video includes some footage of Dr, Cziczo and others at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.
  • Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations (October,2013) Reading the Clouds to Understand Climate Change, where he explains how atmospheric particles (aerosols) trigger cloud formation, and what the various types of aerosols in cirrus clouds are revealing about climate change.