Meet Evelina Fedorenko, Ph.D.

Evelina (Ev) G. Fedorenko, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School; Associate Researcher, Massachusetts General Hospital. Federenko Lab MIT

How does the brain acquire and process language? How about multiple languages? And how about a whole lot of languages? Dr. Fedorenko discussed her research on polyglots, and what cognitive science knows and what is still to be learned on Science for the Public's Contemporary Science program, October 10, 2018. She and her associates focus on how the brains of multilingual people (polyglots) process very different types of languages. They also investigate those rare individuals who learn dozens of languages (hyperpolyglots).

See video of Dr. Fedorenko's 2018 discussion How Many Languages Can You Learn?

article about super-multilinguals and Dr. Fedorenko’s research New Yorker Sept 03, 2018: “Maltese for Beginners”