Meet David Stipp

David Stipp was a guest on SftPublic's Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations in 2010, where he discussed The Youth Pill the prospects of extending human life, specifically a healthy and productive lifespan.


David Stipp has written about science, medicine, the environment and biotech since 1982 for The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Salon, Science and other publications. He led Fortune Magazine's science and medical coverage from 1995 to 2005 as a senior writer, and from 1982 to 1995 covered science and medicine as a staff reporter at The Wall Street Journal. In 1998 he won a National Association of Science Writer's award for best magazine article, and in 1993-4 served as a Knight Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has written extensively about the study of aging, including a 2010 book, The Youth Pill: Scientists at the Brink of an Anti-Aging Revolution.