Meet John Lienhard V, PhD

In December 2011, Professor Lienhard discussed Innovations in Clean Water Technology on SftPublic's, program, Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations. He described the desalination process and some of his major projects around the world.

John Lienhard V, PhD comes from a family of distinguished engineers, and he knew early on that he would become an engineer also. He became a famous one, in fact.

Professor Lienhard is the Samuel Collins Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also the Director of the Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy at MIT and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, and he also serves as Associate Department Head for Education. He is an international expert on desalination. Dr. Lienhard also serves in editorial capacities for numerous international journals and has also authored two mechanical engineering textbooks.


John Lienhard received his PhD in fluid dynamics from the UCSD in 1988, and in the same year he also won the prestigious Nationl Science Foundation's Presidential Young Investigator Award, and he joined the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering. Since then, he has pioneered so many innovations and accumulated so many awards that we refer you to his MIT webpage to view a very long list and the Lienhard Research Group website to see the range of his engineering works. Dr. Lienhard has also received awards for his teaching and his dedication to the training of engineering students. His concern for education is a vitally important contribution in what is truly an age of engineering.