Meet Candace Famiglietti

Candace Famiglietti, Doctoral Student, Global Governance and Human Security and Research Associate, Center for Governance and Sustainability at John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston.

Candace Famiglietti appeared with her mentor, Professor Maria Ivanova, July 14, 2020 on Science for the Public's program, Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations. They discussed A Spotlight on the Impact of the Wildlife Trade, the topic of their 2020 article in The Conversation.

Candace Famiglietti uses an interdisciplinary approach to understand global environmental governance, drawing on international law, human security, and gender. She is particularly interested in international wildlife trade and the roles of various actors - the private sector, NGOs, international treaties, indigenous peoples, and end-user communities. She is also interested in how the stories told about wildlife inform consumer behavior, environmental management on the ground, and the resulting biodiversity outcomes.

She is (in 2020) a PhD student in Global Governance and Human Security and a research associate at the Center for Governance and Sustainability (CGS) at UMass Boston.

Candace Famiglietti and Maria Ivanova. Python skin jackets and elephant leather boots: How wealthy Western nations help drive the global wildlife trade , (The Conversation , June 2020)