Meet Maharaj K. Pandit, Ph.D.

Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations

Maharaj K. Pandit, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Environmental Studies; Director of the Centre for Inter-Disciplinary Studies of Mountain & Hill Environment, University of Delhi. Dr. Pandit is also 2015-2016 Hrdy Fellow at Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies, Harvard University.

Dr. Pandit appeared on SftPublic's Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations program on December 22, 2015 to record a lecture Saving the Himalaya.

He is an internationally recognized biologist, recognized especially for his research on the complex ecologies of the Himalaya region and the impact of increasing settlement, development, and climate change on this complex environment.

Maharaj Pandit has been a fellow at the National University of Singapore since 2012, where he has also served as a visiting senior fellow in the University Scholars Programme and has also held an adjunct appointment in the Department of Geography. He was the director of the School of Environment Studies at the University of Delhi and later the head of the Department of Environmental Studies. Dr. Pandit is an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences of India.