Meet Lincoln Greenhill, Ph.D.

Lincoln Greenhill, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, Department of Astronomy, Harvard University and Radio Astronomer, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.

Dr. Greenhill gave a presentation The Dark Age of the Universe on May 12, 2015 for the Science for the Public Lecture Series at Belmont Public Library, Belmont MA. He brought with him some of the equipment used in his research, which was very interesting for the audience. The video shows how Dr. Lincoln and his colleagues probe the very early universe through radio astronomy.

Greenhill is PI of the Large Aperture Experiment to Detect the Dark Age (LEDA), which seeks to deliver the first observational constraints on the thermal history and evolution of the universe before the first galaxies, when the universe was less than 100 million years old, or < 1% of its present age. Hosted at Long Wavelength Array installations in New Mexico (LWA1) and at Caltech's Owens Valley Radio Observatory (LWA-OV), LEDA instrumentation merges cutting-edge radio astronomy, real-time supercomputing, and signal processing. The LEDA correlator is the third largest in the world in computational terms and supplies the signal processing backbone by which the LWA-OV station generates instantaneous snapshot images of the full sky (horizon to horizon) in a search for radio bursts from exoplanets and other phenomena.