Meet Colleen Dalton, PhD

Colleen Dalton, PhD gave a SftPublic lecture on Earthquakes! in 2010 just after the huge earthquakes struck in Haiti and Chile.


Professor Dalton's research on earthquakes is concerned especially with how the seismic waves generated by earthquakes reveal the structure of the Earth's interior. Her work is crucial to understanding the deadly forces witnessed in the recent past, particularly in the case of massive earthquakes such as occurred in 2010 in Haiti and Chile. Her research projects include efforts to image three-dimensional variations in upper-mantle seismic attenuation and velocity on global and regional scales.

Professor Dalton received her PhD in Geophysics from Harvard in 2007. She followed that with a post-doctoral position at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, and then joined the Earth Sciences faculty at Boston University in 2008.