Meet Christopher Golden, Ph.D.


Christopher Golden, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health: Associate Director, Planetary Health Alliance, Harvard University Center for the Environment.

Dr. Golden is an ecologist and epidemiologist, whose research is concerned with the effects of global environmental trends on human health. He investigates the combined impact of climate change, environmental decline, and aspects of international trade on nutrition in developing nations. One of his major concerns is the importance of dietary trace minerals (for example, iron and zinc) for normal physical and cognitive development in children, and for overall vitality in adults. Much of his work has focused on diminished sources of bush-meat in places such as Madagascar, and diminished fish populations in many coastal areas of West Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia. He stresses that the meat and fish provide crucial trace minerals which are as important as protein.

See the video of Dr. Golden's discussion on SftPublic Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations October 25, 2016: Troubled Waters: Fewer Fish, Increasing Malnutrition

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