Meet Laurence Madin, Ph.D.

Laurence Madin, Ph.D., Marine Biologist, WHOI Senior Science Advisor; and retired Deputy Director/VP for Research at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).

Dr. Madin appeared August 10, 2020 on Science for the Public's Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations program All about Jellyfish. He showed and described many jellyfish and other marine "floating" organisms.

In recent years, jellyfish have become a popular media item, especially as very large and unusual species such as the lions mane jellyfish intrude on popular sea coasts. Dr. Madin described a variety of floating creatures, their physiology (no brains or other organs), their means of transport and their ecosystems. Wonderful images! And he also talked about the marine robot he helped design for studying these creatures.