Meet Mark Vogelsberg, Ph.D.

Mark Vogelsberger, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Astrophysics, MIT

Dr. Vogelsberger Astrophysicists devise very complex models to test their theories of the reionization and formation of the earliest galaxies.

Dr. Vogelsberger, known for some of the most accurate simulations of the earliest galaxy formations appeared December 08, 2022 on Science for the Public's Contemporary Science Issues & Innovations program to explain how these complex simulations are created and tested

Reconstructing the Inaccessible Cosmic Dawn

In this interview he describes the Thesan project he developed with other scientists at MIT, Harvard University, and the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, and he discusses other simulation projects he is working on. This is a particularly exciting period in astrophysics, now that the James Webb Space Telescope will eventually test these simulations of the earliest formations in the cosmos.