Meet Jeremy Shakun, Ph.D.

Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations
Belmont Media Center,Belmont MA June 14, 2016

Jeremy Shakun, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Boston College.

Paleogeologist Professor Jeremy Shakun appeared on Science for the Public's Contemporary Science program June 14, 2016 to discuss how ice formations in Arctic caves record the major climate shifts over millions of years: the ice ages and warming cycles that shaped Earth's history.

VIdeo of Dr Jeremy Shakun's discussion What Arctic Caves Reveal about Ancient Climate Cycles

Dr. Shakun explained how the mineral deposits formed from groundwater are preserved in speleothems, such as stalactites and stalagmitesThese deposits contain precise records of chemical and physical changes associated with deep-time freeze-melt cycles. Dr. Shakun described how he and his paleogeology team gather this information from Arctic caves --and how the information is used to anticipate the effect of the present global warming pattern. He also discusses other sources of ancient climate cycle data: marine cores, glacial boulders, tree rings, Antarctic ice cores. This was a very informative and fascinating discussion.