Meet Florian Douam, Ph.D.

Florian Douam, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Microbiology, Investigator, National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL), Boston University School of Medicine

Dr. Douam is an expert on viruses and vaccines. On February 15, 2021 he appeared on Science for the Public's Contemporary Science Issues and Innovatrions to discuss how scientists unravel the mechanisms by which viruses such as Covid-19 invade cells and and overcome the body’s defenses: Creating and Testing Vaccines. Dr,. Douam explained the difference between the new mRNA vaccines and the traditional DNA vaccines and the challenge of developing effective vaccines. In his innovative research, he uses humanized mice –mice engrafted with human tissues. This work has advanced the understanding of human immune responses against viral pathogens and improved the development of vaccines.

Boston University’s Brink (2020) Interviews Dr. Douam and the director of NEIDL:
With Two COVID-19 Vaccines on the Way, “We Are in New Territory”