Carbon Capture and Storage Will Not Reduce Global Warming

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Friday, February 09, 2024; WGBH Forum Network webinar (noon)

Charles Harvey, PhD, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT

The major cause of the global warming crisis is excess atmospheric CO2 emitted mainly by fossil fuels. The extreme level of atmospheric CO2 is well beyond a “capture and storage/sequestration” solution, yet the hype persists that some clever extraction innovation will resolve the problem.Dr. Charles Harvey has extensive experience with both CO2 capture/storage (CCS) engineering and the realization that CCS cannot reduce CO2 enough to reduce global warming.He argues instead for rational policy: drop fossil fuels and shift to renewables.Now. His expert advice is gaining a wide audience.

Charles Harvey is internationally recognized for outstanding research in multiple areas of the field of environmental engineering.He has received numerous awards and has appeared in PBS (Frontline) and BBC productions.He is a Fellow of both the American Geological Society the American Geophysical Union.


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