Designing Sustainable Urban Development

Science for the Public Lectures in partnership with Robbins Library, Arlington, MA
November 25, 2019

Christoph Reinhart, Ph.D., Professor of Architecture, Director, Building Technology Program and Sustainable Design Lab, MIT. Dr. Reinhart is an international leader in urban design, especially recognized for architectural "daylighting"—the use of natural light to illuminate building interiors—and urban-level environmental building performance analysis. The design tools developed by the Reinhart lab are used by architects and urban planners in more than 90 countries.

Modern urban development requires a multi-dimensional design approach to encompass energy-efficient architecture, pedestrian-friendly access to shops, entertainment, work and schools, and vibrant outdoor spaces. Using sophisticated computer-modeling, the Sustainable Design Lab at MIT combines and analyzes many elements for optimal, healthy urban environments. In this presentation, Dr. Reinhart outlines such a model based on a neighborhood proposal in Boston.

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