Coming Events

The following future events are scheduled:

Troubled Waters: Red Tides and Other Algae Blooms

12/12/23 Belmont Media Center. Runoffs from agriculture, industries and other sources accumulate in many waters and cause harmful algae blooms (HABs), including the red tides that are increasingly common. Algal blooms are now occurring in every coastal state in the U.S., and are a major threat to marine organisms --and people. Patricia Glibert

Frozen in Time: Preserving for Later Revival

01/09/24 GBH Forum Network Webinar. Innovations in bio-engineering are revolutionizing medicine. Preservation of tissues, organs, sperm/eggs can be preserved in several different ways for future use. It's a real challenge, but the methods are improving quickly. Mehmet Toner.

Real Public Health Is More Than Just Healthcare

01-23-24 GBH Forum Network webinar (noon ET). In his newest book, Sandro Galea emphasizes that the field of public health is committed as much to preventing disease as to treating it. Public health includes the social factors that frame our lives. To develop a foundation for better health requires a rational policy dialogue. Sandro Galea