Beyond the Standard Model? The Latest from Fermilab

Science for the Public: Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations
June 07, 2021 zoom-recording by Belmont Media Center Community TV

Steve Nahn, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, CMS Fermilab
James Mott, Ph.D., Wilson Fellow, Fermilab Muon−2 experiment; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physics, Boston University.

Researchers in the field of particle physics have long anticipated new discoveries that will lead to "new" physics --beyond the Standard Model. The upgrades of the CMS project at CERN are part of the effort to get at the fundamental nature of the universe. And from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), there is exciting news about that frontier. The first results from the Muon g-2 experiment hosted at Fermilab show fundamental particles called muons behaving in a way not predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics.

Dr. Nahn discusses the importance of the CERN upgrades and what the work on subatomic particles generally will reveal about our universe (about which we actually know very little). And Dr. Mott explains the recent Muon g-2 experiment and the excitement this has brought to the scientific community (the most important development since the discovery of the Higgs boson).