2000 Years of Oceans and Climate

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November 14, 2023 Belmont Media Center, Belmont MA (Zoom)

Hali Kilbourne, Ph.D.,Research Associate Professor, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (Chesapeake Biological Laboratory campus).
The major ocean currents strongly influence regional climate stability. Today’s rapidly warming oceans will ultimately alter major currents such as the AMOC, with huge consequences for global climate.In order to predict when and where these climate shifts will occur, oceanographers gather data over a long period of time and compare that data with historical variations in ocean temperature and currents. Hali Kilbourne’s focus on 2000 years of the relationship between oceans and climate provides important data for accurate climate models. In this discussion Dr. Kilbourne describes how scientists collect and analyze the data, and what oceanographers can predict regarding sea level changes, stability of major currents and the coming impact on global climate.

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