What Marine Sediments Reveal about Climate Change

Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations
June 03, 2014 Belmont Media Center, Belmont MA

Richard Murray, PhD., Professor of Earth Sciences, Department of Earth and Environment, Boston University. Dr. Murray is also a Selectman for Scituate, MA and a member of the MA Coastal Erosion Commission.
update 8/28/14: Professor Murray appointed Ocean Sciences Division Director at National Science Foundation, effective January 2015.

Richard Murray is a major authority on how marine sediments provide records of past climate. In this discussion, he addresses the Asian Monsoon, the glacial record in tropical sediments, and how the delivery of iron-bearing dust to the open ocean may influence ocean life and perhaps be related to climate. He also provides important scientific insights about the current climate change situation, both globally and in his home base, Scituate, Massachusetts, where he is an elected Selectman. Meet Richard Murray, PhD

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