What Your Food Ate

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July 18, 2023 Belmont Media Center (Belmont MA) (via zoom)

David R. Montgomery, Ph.D., Professor of Earth & Space Sciences, University of Washington
Anne Biklé, Biologist and Environmental Planner Dig to Grow Website

The newest book from David Montgomery and Anne Biklé, the husband and wife team that have been referred to as the "rock stars of the movement for regenerative farming and improved nutrition."

The authors explain how industrial agriculture damages soil and reduces the nutritional value of crops. They discuss how, in restoring the soil, we can also improve both the quality of our food and our health. What Your Food Ate is an essential resource for all those who care about the well-being of humans and environment. Their message is especially important now as there is increasing emphasis on the relationship between healthy soil, healthy food, and personal health.

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