How Nanotechnology is Revolutionizing Medicine

January 21, 2020. Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations

Belmont Media Center, Belmont MA

Sameer Sonkusale, Ph.D., Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Professor of Biomedical Engineering (adjunct); Director, Nano Lab

Dr. Sonkusale's Nano Lab at Tufts is a major hub of nano-tech research in medicine and medical engineering. The nano-scale represents a unique space for physical processes. Scientist are learning how to monitor those processes and also how to exploit the nano-level to treat diseases. Dr. Sonkusale discusses the potential for detailed monitoring of medical problems and the development of precise delivery of medications to affected areas of the body. This is almost like science fiction, but it is a future that has arrived.

Articles on some of the accomplishments of the Nano Lab: