Nanotechnology Advances for Healthcare and Environment

The Science for the Public 2018 Science Lecture Series at MIT May 08, 2018 MIT Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences bldg

Sameer Sonkusale, Ph.D., Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Professor of Biomedical Engineering (adjunct); Director, Nano Lab, Tufts University.

The answers to the grand challenges facing the society may lie in going small....really small. I will introduce nano-scale science and engineering where we can design and manipulate matter bottom-up with precision of less than one thousandth the thickness of human hair into life-size devices. While the promise of nanotechnology is endless, My lab is committed to democratizing this science for the public. I will address ways we can make such nano-enabled devices to sense our environment, food and health using low cost environmentally friendly techniques.

Prof. Sonkusale's teaching and research interests are in the area of flexible bioelectronics, biomedical micro- and nanodevices, lab-on-chip systems, nanoscale sensors, low power integrated circuits, analog to information converters, and active metamaterials for terahertz applications. His current research on "smart threads" to use engineered smart nano-infused threads for surgical sutures, wound dressings and wearable diagnsotics has been featured prominently by leading news organizations like the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Fast Company,, National Public Radio (WBUR), IEEE Spectrum, The Telegraph (UK) to name a few.